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    We commenced business in 1996.They were very humble beginnings indeed and even though we have a long way to go As an importer & wholesaler we have carved a place as a reliable value for money supplier.

    We specialise in leather goods predominantly from India being of Indian origin we have a better understanding of the unique circumstances which prevail in manufacturing in India. Over the years have built up a close relationship with some of the workers and admired their skills that have been carried down from generations. They are very skilled workers and are able to produce excellent product with limited resources. They operate in a market based economy that is controlled by simple economics not some large bureaucratic government .

    We can assure you value for money prices in fact I believe we have the best products in Australia for the prices we charge and I look forward to your suggestions on sales@florentinoleather.com.au on how we can improve our products.

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    Unit 3b 4 Louise Avenue
    Ingleburn industrial Estate
    NSW 2565 Sydney Australia

    Phone: 0413109490

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    Call US: 02 98294084

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