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    RFID Lined Cow Hide Leather Wallet. Style 11011


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    RFID Lined Cow Hide Leather Wallet. Style 11011


    RFID How it WorksWe understand the importance of privacy and security when it comes to your wallet, purse or bag. That’s why we searched the globe for the best RFID lining available.

    In partnership with Hiesenberg Sheet Metals in Germany, we developed a 5 layer, woven aluminium lining that blocks RFID scanning in all frequencies!
    So no matter what strength RFID scanner the crooks are using, our lining is impenetrable by both standard and high-frequency signals.

    This isn’t just any ordinary lining though, it has to withstand the daily grind of opening and closing, without cracking, deforming or weakening in any way.

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